Homework 9.11.12

Homework 9.11.12

Science homework

This term we are learning about keeping warm. We will be using the following words on a regular basis. Please could you help your child to learn to spell the red words? As an extra challenge they could also learn the black words.

hot hotter hottest

cold colder coldest

warm warmer warmest

cool cooler coolest







Maths Homework


We are learning about 2d and 3d shapes. Please could you help your child to construct 3d shapes from the nets they have chosen? Due to a shortage of card, I was unable to photocopy the shapes onto card. I have suggested to the children that they could glue the template on to card from an empty cereal box. Please ask your child to describe the shape using the following vocabulary:

faces, edges, flat, curved, corners (or vertices)



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