The Curriculum

At St Wilfrid’s, the curriculum is our entitlement to an excellent, rounded education for all of our children.  Our approach to designing the curriculum is rooted in current research into creating the best possible conditions for all children to be successful.  We recognise that by designing a curriculum which provides exceptionally well for the lowest 20% of our pupils ultimately means that we will get it right for all pupils.

Ofsted’s Focus on Curriculum

The curriculum is at the heart of the Ofsted framework

 Ofsted’s working definition:

  • ‘The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage (intent);
  • for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation), and for evaluating what knowledge and skills children have gained against expectations (impact/achievement).’

Developing our Curriculum

 At our school, leaders and teachers have explored each subject area very carefully, taking time to consider the agreed end points, how learning should be sequenced in order to create the best chances for all pupils to learn effectively.  The most important knowledge has been carefully selected and consideration has been given to how we ensure that pupils will know more and remember more.

Sequencing and Progression

The most important knowledge and skills have been identified and mapped for each subject area and can be found in the subject overviews.  For each topic, there is a knowledge organiser, which includes the knowledge, skills and vocabulary for that topic.  The organisers are used by teachers to plan the topic and by pupils to evaluate what they have learnt.

Whole School Subject Curriculum Rationales

Click on the links below to open a PDF of the document.

RE Curriculum Rationale

English Curriculum Rationale

Mathematics Curriculum Rationale

Science Curriculum Rationale

Principles of Science at St Wilfrid’s

Computing Curriculum Rationale

History Curriculum Rationale

Geography Curriculum Rationale

Art and Design Curriculum Rationale

Design Technology Curriculum Rationale

PE Curriculum Rationale

MFL Curriculum Rationale

Music Curriculum Rationale

PSHE Curriculum Rationale



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