Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet


We had a great time on our school trip today, and I hope your child/children enjoyed it too.   Have they filled you in yet on the many activities they took part in?  From washing clothes to twisting straw into rope…  Or did the walk there and back completely tire them out and they’ve had an early night?  Either way, I’m sure they all gained something from the day.

One of the activities was to practise writing with an ink pen; this was a messy business which you may have noticed by looking at the children’s hands (and in some cases, clothes).  I just wanted to let you know that “Old Tom” – our guide – promises that soaking in milk should remove the ink.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to kit your children up in Victorian garb; they really looked fabulous.  Photos will follow soon.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Jenkinson


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