Adam and his Hollowford

Adam and his Hollowford

When we got there

So we got there and we went into a massive room (the lounge) and we got told our dorms (I was with Thomas,Harry,Max and Fred) then the groups for the day (number 2s the best) and we unpacked and went straight to our first activities.

My favourite activity

At Hollowford you do a lot of activities like this: rock scrambling; canoeing; ropes and the leap of faith; archery; raft building and a hill walk
My favourite activity was probably archery and raft building. We went to a pond in Hollowford and built a basic raft. After raft building we ran and walked to the archery range, where Hugo, Marcus and various other people told us about them shooting on the range.They then went off to build their raft while we did archery. Mr Conway numbered us.I was number 5.1,2,3 and 4 went up. We shot with an amazing  and expensivie-looking bow . They had finished and it was my pratice go.I shot 0 0 1.Then I shot a 10 4 and a 0.Not bad for 8:30 at night. I then went on to shoot a few more arrows getting 4s and 7,8 and 9s.
Advice for Y4s: try and get a good dormitory that you like and get in the day group number 2 and it will be fine.
By Adam Y5

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