Barnaby and Burt Bear

Barnaby and Burt Bear

Your child may have mentioned we have 2 class bears who like to come and visit and spend time with you. Barnaby and Burt have already been taken home to spend time with two of our class and we look forward to seeing what they have got up to!

If Barnaby or Burt pay you a visit all we ask is that you stick a photo in the book of something you did – this can be anything – a day out, going to the supermarket, a trip to the dentist, a faraway holiday……

Then add to this a few sentences written by your child, with your help if necessary, about what you all got up to.

If you are going away on holiday and feel it would be an unusual place to take Barnaby or Burt then let us know and we will try to accommodate this.

The Bears are sent home on Wednesday and need to be returned by the following Tuesday so we have time to show and tell and give the bear to the next child.

Thank you


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