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Class Information Moved to New Class Blog Areas!

As from Monday 13th January 2014, class news, messages, information, homework and learning can now be found in the relevant new class blog areas. These can be found on the right hand side of  the home page of this website in coloured buttons. Thank You

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Science Homework for Tuesday 14th January

Research how at least two animals have adapted to their environment. Choose two different environments please, e.g a penguin in a cold climate and a cactus in a hot dry climate. Can you think of any animals in danger today that need to try to adapt quickly to survive their changing habitat? You need this […]

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Y4/5 Science homework to be handed in on Monday 9th December

Please finish the food chains that you started in science yesterday. Remember, a producer (green plant) always starts the chain and the arrows mean ‘is food for’ so make sure they are going the right way! If you are a Lion, see if you can make a mini food web. Many thanks Mrs Clements  

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Scientists Homework

Y5/4 Don’t forget to carry out some research on these three scientists: Alexander Fleming, Louis Paster, Edward Jenner. Find out why they are important, when they were born, when they died and any other interesting information about them. We will use these facts to make a little quiz. Please have the information ready for Tuesday 5th November. […]

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Micro-organisms Homework for Monday 21st October

Y4/5, we looked at different types of micro-organisms today, including some that are helpful or harmful. Please produce a poster to show how to keep healthy and avoid the harmful ones. Think about hand washing, catching sneezes, cleaning teeth, taking care with raw food etc. Hand to me on Monday 21st October. Many thanks Mrs […]

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