Children thrilled by Golden Girl Jess!

Children thrilled by Golden Girl Jess!

We were all thrilled on Wednesday when unexpected visitors came to St Wilfrid’s!

Jessica Ennis and her coach Tony Minichiello surprised us all with an impromptu visit, much to the excitement of children and staff alike.

Tony has been coaching Jessica throughout her athletics career,from a promising youngster to the Olympic gold medallist she is today. He suggested to the children that with hard work and perseverance they too could achieve anything, maybe one day also competing in  the Olympics.

“It was an amazing experience to end our time at St Wilfrid’s and it has inspired us to work hard to achieve our own dreams” said Millie and Katie, Year 6 pupils, who will sadly be leaving us today.

As soon as Jessica entered the sports hall she was greeted with a rapturous round of applause from the whole school. She answered questions about her life in athletics. A youngster from Y1 asked her how fast she could run downhill,much to the amusement of everyone!

She also showed us  her treasured Olympic Gold Medal , which a select few were even allowed to touch!

Lots of photographs were taken , including a few with the various sports teams (and their vast array of  trophies)

All too soon their visit had to come to an end. Tony explained that he and Jessica were off to the English Institute of Sport to continue training in readiness for the World Athletics Championships to be held in Moscow in a month’s time.

It was a very pleasant surprise and privilege to have Jessica and Tony at our school .

Bill Bowerman , the co founder of Nike once said  “Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.” Let’s hope our children were inspired to be the best they can be , whatever that may be.


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