Children’s homework help/ study books

Children’s homework help/ study books

Hi, I just wanted to draw your attention to the CGP range of books available to help your children progress at school.  I used these for my own children before I came into teaching and they really helped me see what was being taught and remember what I had learnt at school all those years ago!  You can get KS2 ones that cover the whole of Y3-Y6 as well so just one book will see you through the rest of school!

There are workbooks available as well, to help consolidate knowledge through practise sheets.  The link is below and if anyone wants me to order them through school, let me know because we can get them cheaper.  We add on a small contribution for fundraising but it is still cheaper than buying them yourselves.  See what you think and you can let me know by sending a note in with your child’s name and the associated title(s) you want ordering.  I really can’t stress enough how much difference it can make to children’s achievements and (most importantly) their confidence, if they get some 1-1 time with you looking at this sort of thing.  Many thanks and any questions, just ask.

Mrs Kirwan



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