Festive fun (maths homework!)

Festive fun (maths homework!)

We have been trying to solve problems in class and think about why our answers actually solve the problem and make sense. We have also looked at how we can solve problems and write our answers down – e.g. as pictures, as number sentences or as words.

Attached is some work based on a number problem we worked on in class. If you get time over the festive period and want to have a go then please do! Stamps for any work brought back in January.

Talk to your child about the problem and help them think what the answer might look like (must make 10). Also encourage them to draw pictures or use real vehicles if you have them. Also get them to think if they have found all of the possibilities and how they can check – can they exchange 4 wheels for 2 bikes? etc. 

father christmas homework_problem[1]


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