Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework

Dear parents and children,

we hope you are all having a wonderful holiday despite the weather!

As previously mentioned we decided to set some homework for children to complete over the holiday. We would like the children, if possible, to write something about their holiday activities or memories. It can be as simple as a picture and a caption (for Reception) or a few sentences to a page for Year 1 (pictures if they’d like). Please send it to school next week and we will reward children with a stamp. Please be guided by how much you know your child is capable of writing.

We will be setting some maths homework  over the next half term but if you would like to be a number spotter look for the largest and smallest numbers you can find where you live, when you go out, near where family live, at the park etc. See if they can read the numbers and recognise the digits. Again number spotting will be rewarded with a stamp and we will collect spotted numbers on our display. Jot them on a scrap of paper if you can!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we will see you next week!


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