Homework 1.2.13

Homework 1.2.13

Maths – This week all children have been looking at shapes. They have been learning shape names and properties such as sides, corners, faces, edges and vertices. Below are a few activities the children may like to do at home to reinforce their learning. Some year one children have also been looking at inverse operations to check their answers. e.g. If you give them 17 + ___ = 26 can they generate the subtraction 26 – 17 = ___. Can they then work the answer out and use it to complete the addition? They must check the number sentences make sense.



Purple mash also has some shape activities

Year Ones – Literacy – The year ones are working on using adjectives (describing words) in their writing. Following the structure of previous homework can they draw an animal of their choice and generate some sentences to describe it. e.g. A long, green crocodile. This crocodile is long and green. A long green crocodile with rough skin. Over the next few weeks I would also like a big push on the spelling of common words, so children can apply them to their writing without too much thought. See the attached list.








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