Homework 12.10.13

Homework 12.10.13

I hope your children enjoyed the trip to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet yesterday. They completed lots of different activities and hopefully they learned some interesting facts from the visit.


On Monday the literacy lesson will focus on writing a time line for the trip and on Tuesday the children will be asked to write a recount of the trip using the time line to support them. In order to help your child with this task please talk to him/her about the trip and ask him/her to explain a few of the  activities they completed in detail. Please encourage your child to talk about what they thought it would have been like to do the jobs the Victorian children would have to do. In school I  encourage the children to use ‘because’ to explain their ideas clearly.

At the end of the week we will begin to organise all our information about the Victorians into an information text. Please continue to encourage your child to research different areas of Victorian life.


This week we have looked at  words ending with le. We sorted words according to:

Two   different consonants before “le” e.g. candle

A   double consonant before “le” e.g. bottle

One   consonant before “le” e.g. beetle

Please help your child to find or think of words ending in le to fit these spelling groups.

Here are some to start you off:

bubble, nettle, single, handle, people, needle



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