Homework 14.4.13

Homework 14.4.13


Year One – practice telling the time. Parents please start with 0`clock and half past and then move to quarter past and quarter to as you feel appropriate. Give them a good mix of making the times on a clock themselves if you can, as well as reading given times.

Reception – please could the children in reception practice number formation 0 to 9.


Year One –  please could children in year one practice reading the real and nonsense words attached. When you see a monster remember it is not a real word, but a nonsense word that does not make sense. We must read the sounds carefully and not try and make it into a real word. Parents please encourage your children to look for the sounds they know especially the ones with two letters that make one sound. If you are unsure of any please do come and ask me.


Reception – if your child would like to have a go at some sound work, then please see the link below.

Sound game





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