Homework 15.06.12

Homework 15.06.12

Talk Homework

Our RE topic this term is treasures. Please ask people in your family about their treasures. Tell them about your treasures too. Tell them why they are treasures.

Maths Homework.

You are all improving with telling the time and this week we have been calculating times half an hour and 40 minutes later. Keep looking at the clock and see if you can work out the time. Then work out 10 minutes later, 15 minutes later and half an hour later. How quickly can you calculate the later times? Keep practising until you can do it very quickly.


This week we have been learning about rubbish. Take a look at the websites below to research more information about rubbish. We have looked at some of these at school. Tell someone at home about what you already know. Remember to choose words carefully to explain the information clearly.






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