Homework 15.11 13

Homework 15.11 13

Talk homework

This week we have been learning about the Jewish religion. In particular, we have learned about the Synagogue and important features of it.

We looked at the BBC clips on the links below. Please encourage your child to talk about what they have been learning.





Please continue to reinforce the homophones from last week’s post. Some children who are in a spelling intervention group have brought a sheet home to practise what they have been doing in the group sessions.


Some of the children have started to complete maths tests like the ones attached below. They allow me to identify the areas of maths I need to work on with individual children. Level 2 is the easier test and level 3 is the harder one. Level 2/3 has features of both tests. Sometimes the children can complete the maths required to answer a question, but they don’t know what the question is asking them to do. Please talk through some of the questions with your child  so they will be familiar with the vocabulary and style of question when they complete the tests in school. I don’t expect the children to be able to answer all the questions correctly. Our aim is that however many questions they answer correctly on the first attempt, they can beat their score on the next test. In previous years, most children have enjoyed completing the tests and they try hard to beat their previous score.

Level 3 Test 1

Level 3 Test 2

Level 2 Test 2

Level 2-3 Test 1

Level 2-3 Test 2

Level 2 Test 1


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