Homework 15.9.13

Homework 15.9.13


This week we have been looking at words with the ‘ay’ phoneme to make sure the children use the correct grapheme when writing this sound. We have looked at words with ay as in Tuesday, a_e as in brave, ai as in painful and a as in table and eigh as in eight.

Next week we will look at adding a suffix to words with this phoneme eg make becomes making/ maker (cross off the final e to add ing or er). We will then move on to looking at other rules for adding a suffix to words with different phonemes eg change the final y into an i to add er (happy- happier) drop the e when adding y (shine- shiny) etc.

Children can often complete spelling tests accurately but then make mistakes when spelling words in the context of a sentence. For extra practise at home here are some sentences with ay words which you could use to dictate to your child. The words in brackets are optional for extra challenge.

I cannot wait for my (eighth) birthday.

I played all day with my (exciting) game.

I am making a  (delicious) chocolate cake.

The people waited (patiently) for the late train.


This week we have been doubling numbers. Children have been working at three levels to develop quick mental recall of doubles.

1. learn by heart all doubles up to 10 +10.

2. learn by heart all doubles up to 20+20.

3.learn by heart all doubles of numbers up to 100.

If your child can complete level 3 easily please ask them to practise doubling a number and doubling it again as this is the method we will be using to multiply numbers by 4.





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