Homework 18.01.13

Homework 18.01.13


On Monday the children will be writing the story of Beowulf. To prepare for this the children have read the story several times in school and they have been encouraged to include actions to help them to remember the details. We have collected adjectives to describe the characters and the setting of the story and we have written sentences to include these adjectives. he children have identified the main details in the beginning, middle and ending of the story and theyb have organised the events.

Please  ask your child to retell the story to you and encourage them to include as many details as possible. Here are some notes to help them to tell the story.

A King called Hrothgar and his people lived in fear of a terrifying monster.

 The King had decided to build a hall to entertain his guests.

 Grendel lurked in the murky depths nearby.

Grendel came to eat people. 

The King abandoned the hall.

Beowulf arrived on a wooden ship and said he would kill the monster.

The Danes returned to their hall.

They fell asleep, all except Beowulf.

Soon, the monster appeared and he killed some people.

Beowulf ripped off Grendel’s arm.

The beast slumped back to its swamp and died in agony.

Beowulf nailed his prize to a beam.

Grendel’s mother vowed to take revenge.



Before Christmas we did an experiment at school with ice lollies. We wrapped them up using different materials. The investigation was to find out which materials were good insulators and prevented the ice lollies from melting. The focus was to make a fair test. Please make the most of the snow this weekend. Please talk to your child about the experiment they did and then help them to plan a fair test to find out where the best places are to stop a snowball from  melting or to make a snowball melt quickly. Ask them how they can make the test fair and encourage them to make predictions about the results. This work will reinforce the science skills we are developing in school. The children do not have to write up the experiment – I don’t want to take the fun out of having a snowwy weekend!


Here is the list of the spelling patterns we have covered this week.

igh, ie, i_e, y;

oa, oe, ow, o_e

Please encourage your child to think of words with these sounds and to identify the correct grapheme to use for each one.

Have a good weekend








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