Homework 1st February

Homework 1st February


We have completed a book review for our class shared story. I would like your child to choose a book they have enjoyed recently at home to complete a book review for it. Your child has been given a sheet to write on. I will collect these sheets and put them into a book for our class library. The children will be encouraged to read the reviews to help them choose new books to read.


Your child has made decisions about the type of learner they are. Please talk to your child about the decisions they have made and why they see themselves in this way.

(see these notes below)

How am I clever?

What sort of a learner are you? Some people have tried to classify our strengths as

learners in different ways. Talk about each and about what you are good at.

Linguistic learner

I like to read, write and tell stories.

I am good at remembering names, places, dates and facts.

I learn best when I say, hear or see words.

Logical/mathematical learner

I like to do experiments, figure things

out, work with numbers, ask questions,

and explore patterns and relationships.

I am good at maths, reasoning, logic

and problem solving.

I learn best by grouping things, working

with patterns, shapes and numbers.

Spatial learner

I like to draw, build, design and create

things, daydream, look at

pictures/slides, watch movies and play

with machines.

I am good at imagining things, sensing

changes, solving mazes/puzzles and

reading maps or charts.

I learn best by visualising, dreaming,

using my mind’s eye and working

with colours/pictures.

Musical learner

I like to sing, hum tunes, listen to music, play an instrument

and respond to music.

I am good at picking up sounds, remembering tunes, noticing

pitches/rhythms, and keeping time.

I learn best when I use rhythm, melody and music.

Bodily/kinaesthetic learner

I like to move around, touch and talk,

and use my body.

I am good at physical activities

(sports/dance/acting) and crafts.

I learn best by touching and moving.

Naturalistic learner

I like to be outside, with animals, or learning

about geography or weather.

I am good at grouping and organising plants

and animals, and looking after the


I learn best by looking at nature out in the

open and learning about how things work.

Interpersonal learner

I like to have lots of friends, talk to

people and join groups.

I am good at understanding people,

leading others and sorting out conflicts.

I learn best by sharing, comparing,

relating, cooperating and interviewing.

Intrapersonal learner

I like to work alone and pursue my own


I am good at understanding myself, thinking about

my feelings and dreams, following instincts, pursuing

interests/goals and being original.

I learn best by working alone, doing my own

individual projects, having my own space and

working at my own pace.




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