Homework 20.04.12

Homework 20.04.12

Our class novel this half term is The Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo.

It is set on the Scilly Isles. Please use google maps or any other programme to locate these islands. See what you can find out about them.

Questions you could research include:

How many islands are there?

How many people live on the islands?

Which is the largest island?

How can you get to the islands?

How long does it take to travel there with different methods of transport?

In the story, Laura finds a turtle. Find some facts about turtles. Think about how you could present the facts for others to read. You could write a list of the facts you find. You could draw a turtle in the middle of a page and add labels and information around the turtle. You could create an information leaflet about turtles.

I will choose the best work to display in the clasroom.



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