Homework 22nd November

Homework 22nd November

Internet safety

This week in ICT we have been learning about how to stay safe when using the internet. The children have watched some cartoons which explain scenarios clearly and we have looked at rules for the safe use of the internet. Please talk to your child about what they have learned. The resources are available for you to look at with your child at home. Please see the online resources – E safety on our home page.



This week we have been looking at inverse operations of multiplying and dividing by 2. Please encourage your child to learn all doubles and halves for numbers up to 10 +10 if they do not already know them. Some children have been finding half of a 2 digit number by partitioning the number into tens and units eg partition 24   into  20 and 4 and then find half of each number and add the two answers together.

Other children have been dividing numbers by 4 using the method of halving the number twice.

Please ask your child to explain to you what they have been doing. If they can explain the method it helps to reinforce the concept.



Please continue to practise the homophones I posted a couple of weeks ago.



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