Homework 29th November

Homework 29th November


This week in RE we have been looking at how we prepare for Christmas. In addition to the shopping, writing cards etc we have looked at how we can prepare ourselves by making some changes to how we behave. Please talk to your child about something they, or maybe your whole family, could do during Advent to prepare for Christmas.


This week we have been reading with a partner. The children have been encouraged to ask open questions about the text to ensure that their partner understands what they have just read. When you read with your child this week please encourage them to ask and answer questions as you go along.


Please dictate these sentences to your child and help them to correct any words spelt incorrectly.

You have done several useful things to help.

Who owns this new blue pen?

She bought some expensive new shoes at the weekend.

Tim knows that his father will be phoning soon.


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