Homework 3.5.13

Homework 3.5.13

Just to let you know our school trip was a big success this week. I am so proud of the children.  They all had a great attitude and behaved well during the time spent at Notre Dame. Thank you to the parent helpers too! I appreciate there are a few homework activities this week. Please choose and allow your child to do what they can manage.

Yr1 Numeracy – we have been looking at sequences going up in twos, fives and tens. The children could generate their own sequences or you could provide them with a few numbers for them to continue the sequence. We have looked at sequences that increase and decrease in regular steps E.g.  31, 41, 51, __, __, __  96, 86, 76, __, __, __

Children could also move on to sequences that increase and decrease in threes and fours. The following game may also support this work.


Yr1 Literacy – the children will be bringing home a list of words. Please help your child to read them and highlight the sounds they can see, especially the two letters one sound and three letters one sound. Look out for the split diagraphs too e.g. u-e, i-e, a-e etc. Spellings will be sent as usual.

Write a menu – What foods do you like eating the most? What do you like having best for tea? Plan your perfect meal. It has to be the meal that you would most want to eat.Think carefully about what dish you want for the main part of your tea. What would you like for pudding? Do you want a drink with your tea? Would you like to begin your tea with a starter (e.g. soup)? When you’ve decided on your meal write the meal down in the form of a menu. Think carefully about what a menu looks like. You may have seen menus on trips to pubs or restaurants. Places like McDonalds also have a type of menu.


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