Homework Tasks 9.10.13

Homework Tasks 9.10.13

Well done with the 6 times table this week! Much improved. Keep practising it please, along with the 7s, ready for a test on Tuesday (15th Oct).

RE Homework – please research a person that you think has shown commitment. This could be a sports person or a person linked with a cause, such as Mother Teresa and her work in Calcutta. This research needs to be done for Tuesday 15th October.

History – Find out about the London blitz: What was it? When did it start? How long did it last? How did people try to stay safe?  This needs to be done for Wednesday 16th October.

If you took your science book home this week to finish the yeast experiment work, please don’t forget to bring it back in to school on Monday (14th Oct).

Finally, please carry out some research on these three scientists: Alexander Fleming, Louis Paster, Edward Jenner. Find out why they are important, when they were born, when they died and any other interesting information about them. We will use these to make a little quiz on Monday 21st October.

Thank you



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