Hugo’s amazing moments

Hugo’s amazing moments

When we got to the Hollowford centre we brought all our bags and suitecases inside and decided what we were going to have for tea. Then we had to choose who we were going to have in our dorms,  I had Marcus, Malachie, Joseph and Tom.

For our first activity we did rock scrambling then archery and then we did my favourite thing and made our raft and jumped in the water. And that was only the first day!

At night!

My dorm had loads of sweets untill MR SCOTT came in luckily we got away with it…………….. just!

In the morning we had breakfast it was DELICOUS then we drove over to the lake and went canoeing it was fun.Marcus, Luke and I tried to capsize our boat ! When we got home everyone was wet ! 

The next day me and Sol had to leave to go and play rugby.


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