ICT and History/Understanding Of The World

ICT and History/Understanding Of The World

ICT – After the Christmas holiday the children are going to have experience of controlling devices such as MP3 players, sound recorders, CD players, video equipment, digital cameras and tablets. It would be great if you could support this at home by allowing them to explore these devices around the home with adult supervision.

They will also be learning about devices in the home that are controlled by commands such as microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers etc. It would be great if you could supervise your children and talk them through the following tasks:

  1. putting their school uniform on a wash cycle. Talk to them about what we do, what buttons we need to press and why etc.
  2. warming something up in the microwave. Discuss with them things like how hot does it need to be? How long shall we put it on for? Show them how we set the time etc.
  3. putting pots in the dishwasher and setting it going
  4.  cooking something in the oven


History – The children will be learning about toys in the past. If possible I would like the children to bring in their favourite toy to discuss. I will also be sending out a small questionnaire for parents/grandparents once the children have decided what questions they would like to ask. It would be great if you could fill this in and return it as soon as possible. If anyone would like to come in and talk to the children about the sorts of toys they used to play with that would be great, so just let me know.

These topics will run for seven weeks, so please do not feel the need to cram all of this in straight away! Many Thanks.


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