Marvellous Memories by Amelia

Marvellous Memories by Amelia

Hollowford was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every second and minute of it. We did a different range of activities, however I enjoyed the raft building and the high rope course the most. The accommodation was luxury!


The raft building involved team work and getting wet! First we made a frame then added barrels, after that we raced them against another team. And guess what …. WE WON!!!!!    After the joy of winning we all went into the water and had even more fun!!


The high rope course was exciting and nerve racking at the same time ( especially the leap of faith). When we got up the balance beam we were all cheering for each other with team spirit.Once we got to the tight rope our feet were trembling with fear as the sun was shining bright on our faces. My turn came for the leap of faith and Fred and Max had already caught the bar so I didn’t want to fail! I climbed up looking down at all my team mates cheering me on. When finally I was  at the top of the pole. The pole shaking, me trembling and there I was like I was queen of the world.  “Don’t look down,” Georgia said, encouraging me.With my arms out ready to catch the bar, my legs bent in anticipation of jumping and my two hands on the bar,  I caught  it. Then as I was coming down I thought to myself I couldn’t have done it without my cheering team mates.



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