Maths 100 square

Maths 100 square

Apologies as this should have been posted for over the half term holiday to link with the 100 square that was sent home.

When using the following ideas with your children please work with those activities at their level. Don’t move them on too quick as being secure in a concept is what we are aiming for. If your child is still securing the numbers to 20 then that is fine. Still look for patterns but focus the place value work in the range 0-20.

Some ideas of work to do with the 100 square

Find numbers that are familiar and say why – ages, house numbers, car registrations etc. Put them in context.

Ask child to find a number (again at their level). Point at a number and ask what number is this?

Look for patterns on the 100 sq. Look for obvious first counting the 10’s column, What happens to the numbers if we count across? Down the square? Up the square? Look at the diagonals? Do they know what we are adding/subtracting when we see these patterns?

Ask what is the biggest number on the square? The smallest? Where are they? What numbers are in the other corners?

Do they know what tens and units are? Point to a number. How many tens? Units? Can they find a number with 6 tens? 2 units etc? Can they find a number that has 3 tens and 8 units? What number is it? Could they tell you before finding it? Can they find a number with one more ten than 46? etc.

Choose a number from the top row and ask if they can count in tens from that number. Have they noticed anything about the digits? Did they change? Can they subtract ten if they started on the bottom row?

Can they add and subtract 11 from a number and do they notice a pattern?

This list is not compulsory or exhaustive – work at your childs level. Any work you do will help. Be guided by your child.

Thank you.


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