Maths homework

Maths homework

Dear Parents,

Use the 100 sq attached.

Again it is more the discussion with your child that gets the best maths from this activity.

Ask the children – can they find a 2 digit number that when they add up the digits the total is 10? For example       54   is    5+4=9;       76    is    7+6 = 13

Can they find the the number bond to 10 2 digit numbers? (This is applying all of the work we have done on number bonds). A starting point might be to ask what number bonds to 10 they know and ask what 2 digit number that could be then find that.

Is there a pattern on the 100 sq when they have found some of the 2 digit numbers? Maybe they could colour the numbers in.

Further work – what if they were looking for a total of 8? Is there a pattern now?

HOMEWORK-half term bonds digits pdf

HOMEWORK-half term bonds digits

Thank you


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