Maths homework

Maths homework

We are learning our number bonds to 10!

You can help in lots of different ways and at the appropriate level for your child.

Here are some ideas – don’t feel you have to do them all, just the ones you feel are best for your child and that will support and consolidate what we are doing in class. If you’re not sure come and see us!

Get 10 fingers, put some down and talk about how many up and how many down and if we add them together it makes 10. Encourage the counting of fingers that are up and down and learning quick recall of what 3 fingers looks like up or down etc.

Put some fingers up on your hand. Get your child to count them, or recognise how many, and ask how many more to make 10? Your child can make on their own fingers but encourage counting on from your number of fingers.

Quick recall – say I have 4. How many do you need to make 10? We are aiming for the children eventually knowing the number bonds mentally. When they are ready. These can be made into a number story. I have 4 cars but I need 10. How many more cars do I need?

A tricky challenge! If I have 10 and take away/subtract 6, how many are left? These questions could be made into a number story. I have 10 pencils, 4 of them broke. How many can I still use?


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