My Favourite Hollowford Moments By Max B

My Favourite Hollowford Moments By Max B

When we got to Hollowford it was luxury! The food was great and the beds were AMAZING. First we did Raft building, which was best. First we built it, then we did archery. Our team won and I got a nine!

After the other team had made their raft we had a race. Due to our timing and Al’s amazing advice we won! P1000517

After that we all jumped in had even more fun! The only bad thing was, our room was like a swamp!

Then we did rock-scrambling. We had to fit through tiny little holes that I thought I would NEVER be able to get through! It was really fun and we all cheered everyone on!

The next day we did the high ropes course. It was all very nerve-racking but then again really fun. I was the first one to complete the leap of faith which felt like a massive achievement.

Then we did the adventure course. It was really fun and was a mixture of challenges including different poles, wires and tubes. My favourite part on the adventure course was the pole above the pond. I did it the first time but I fell off into the water the second!

After that we did canoeing. We went over to a reservoir and attached to canoes together to make a Catamaran. Then we did various things including water polo and a race!

We slept again, an early start in the morning as we were about to do a three hour walk all the way up, round and down Mam Tor. It was really tiring but we felt a real sense of achievement when we got to the top of the mountain. As a reward we were given a rhubarb and custard sweet as well!

I loved Hollowford and would definitely go there again. Also, I cant wait to go to the Lake District in Y6!








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