New Term

New Term

I hope you are all still enjoying your holidays, despite the weather!  I thought I would just give you a brief outline of what we will be covering this next half-term.  In Literacy we will be looking at different stories by the same author and letters.  A good link for different authors is pasted below:

On this site you can find out all you want about your favourite author.  Alternatively if you google the author by name they will usually have their own websites.  Two that I can highly recommend are: and

The BBC website at:  has some good detail on reading, writing, spelling & grammar skills and also information/ examples of letter writing to provide some practise beforehand.

In Geography we will be looking at Climate Change and linked closely to that we will explore Sustainable Development by investigating alternative energy sources such as wind/ wave power, solar panels etc.  You might want to start this off by talking to your children about your energy provision at home and the pro’s and con’s.  In RE we will be looking at Easter Celebrations and Pentecost and in Design & Technology we will be designing and making an alarm, so again for those of you who have alarm systems at home perhaps you could discuss their purpose/ how they work etc.

In Science we will be looking at how plants grow, and growing our own strawberries in the process.  Any good gardening tips you can pass on would be much appreciated!

Anyway, hopefully this is helpful and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Kirwan



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