Numeracy homework

Numeracy homework

Our focus for numeracy for the next two weeks is addition and subtraction with emphasis on small number calculations and mental skills. This is some work you could help your child with at home.

In Year 1 the children are expected to be able to know mentally the answer to small addition and subtraction. For example 3 + 5 = 8  they should know this fact mentally and not need to calculate it using their fingers. It is still acceptable to mentally calculate QUICKLY but by counting on 3 more from 5 in their heads. They should also know all the ways of making 10 without counting and know all doubles of numbers to 10. Any practise you can do on this will help immensly!

For Reception we are focussing on  counting on from the largest number when adding either on a number line or mentally. For example to find the answer to 7 + 5 they may use a number line to start at 7 then jump on 5 more or put 7 ‘in their head’ and count on 5 more on their fingers. Remember we always ‘fred frog’ jump off the first number and don’t count it on the number line. If you are not sure which method your child should be practising please come and ask us. Or if you practise with your child on the number line first and feel they are confident and competent then begin the mental counting on.   Addition upto 20 is where we have focussed so far but if you child can add  27 + 6 and 35 + 8 mentally then keep going!

Please work at the level of your child – we have tried to offer something for everyone to have a go. Children learn best when they can be confident and achieve so practise in their range before moving onto the next step.

We thank you in advance for your support!


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