In RE we have been discussing Baptism as part of our topic about Promises.

The children have helped to write some questions to ask you about their Godparents. Some of the questions are quite thoughtful. Please  encourage your child to ask you the questions and talk about the answers with them.

Who are my Godparents?

Were my Godparents the first people who came into your mind when you were choosing?

Why did you choose my Godparents?

Were they always there for me?

Who came to see me get baptised?

What did I wear?

Where was I baptised?

When did I get baptised? 

What was my baptism like?


We have also started to find out about saints. We learned about St Wilfrid when it was his feast day a couple of weeks ago. Your child has tried to find out if they share their name with a saint. If so they have tried to find out some facts about them. Please help your child to find out some information about saints over the holiday. I have a class book ready for the children to put their information into.


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