Report levels explained

Report levels explained

Dear Parents,

We have received a few queries as to what the levels on reports mean in relation to Year 1 etc. Hopefully the attached document will offer more insight.

The levels work on a numerical scale beginning at 1 and working up to level 5 (sometimes 6) in primary schools. They are broken down further in c,b and a. A ‘c’ is given if a child has just begun to work at that level, a ‘b’ is given if they are working securely within that level and ‘a’ if they are confidently working at that level and applying knowledge.

The national average for a Y2 child at the end of the year is a 2b. Therefore an average level at the end of Year 1 would be a level 1b or 1a. It is not precise as children learn at different rates and a level 1b or 1a indicates they are on target and should achieve the average Y2 level of 2b.

The document attached has some brief information about what children can do within these levels.

What_does_a_level_mean level 1 to 3

What_does_a_level_mean level 1 to 3 word doc


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