Science Week

Science Week

Last week we spent the week investigating and exploring different activities during Science week. The children had great fun with magnets and used what they found out to charm a snake – ask your child how we managed to charm our snakes out of the basket,  see if they can explain how we did it.

The children also had fun with bubbles. We used lots of different bubble makers. The children tried making  a large bubble, small bubbles, lots of bubbles and investigated if they could make different shaped bubbles. We were lucky to have a fine week and the children spent lots of time in the fresh air blowing bubbles and talking about what they saw.

If you get a chance check out our lovely spring flowers that are blossoming in our outside area. These have grown from the bulbs we planted back in September. We will be developing our outside growing area next term when we will be planting some vegetables.

Thank you for your continued support


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