The Big Plastic Count! – Mon 11th to 17th March

The Big Plastic Count! – Mon 11th to 17th March

During the week Mon 11th – 17th March we will be taking part in The Big Plastic Count. By joining thou-
sands of people across the country and counting all the plastic you throw away for a week, you can

gather the vital evidence we need to convince UK ministers, supermarkets and big brands to lead the
way at the global talks that could finally phase out plastic production for good. It’s easy! From Monday
morning until Sunday evening, count as you throw!
Simply mark every piece of plastic package as you throw it away on the Let’s Count Tally Sheet. Bring

the Let’s Count Tally Sheet in on Monday March 18th so that we can submit the results. We will be do-
ing this in school too. Get counting !


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