Wacky Weaseling by Jasmine

Wacky Weaseling by Jasmine


On the 19th of March the Y5′s went to Hollowford as a residential. During this time we toke part in many activities, but my favorite was the Ropes Course and Weaseling– yet I’ll only write about weaseling because that’s where I enjoyed having the most giggle!



On the 2nd day during our residential, group 1 and group 2 did weaseling. While we were there we completed many challengers like squeezing through holes in between rocks. As well as that, we also did a challenge – who could hold onto the end of a rock the longest!

Bizarrely, Isabella won by holding onto the rock for the longest by about 30 seconds! Whereas Mark only held onto the rock for 17 seconds! How long would you hold onto it for?



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