Weekly maths tests

Weekly maths tests

Level 3 Test 1

Level 3 Test 2

Level 2 Test 2

Level 2-3 Test 1

Level 2-3 Test 2

Level 2 Test 1

We have started to use a new maths assessment scheme. The children are given a weekly test at either level 2, level 2/3 or level 3. See attached tests from week 1 and week 2. You will notice that the tests are very similar from one week to the next. Each week we will go through the test in groups and discuss how to calculate the answers. The children should gradually get used to answering the questions and the weekly score should increase. Once your child is able to complete over 20 questions correctly they will be given the next level of test. The tests will help to identify gaps in learning and the information will enable me to plan lessons and activities to address these gaps. If you are able to practise some of the questions at home it will help your child to increase their score.


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