Y5 and Y6 go climbing At The Mini Works

Y5 and Y6 go climbing At The Mini Works

Last Friday 13 children from y5 and y6 went to the Mini Works Climbing Centre in Woodseats.

Camille,Sofia, Esther, Mae, Orlaith, Scarlett, Aoife, Leo, Onesh, Sam , Jakub, Paolo and Eamonn attended the event.

For many of them it was the first time they had experienced climbing but they all took to like ducks to water.

The idea was to scale different shaped walls using different hand and footholds. There were various colours which could be used . The instructors decided the children could use the ‘wasp’ holds which were obviously black and yellow. They had to climb the wall using only this colour . After a thorough warm up the children approached the first climb with excitement and a certain amount of trepidation. All of the first group managed to reach the top of the first wall without any problem!!. The second wall proved much tougher with only Sam managing to reach the top . To be fair many adults would have struggled, such was the placement of the holds. One of the climbs involved being suspended upside down and only Sofia( who had very strong grip ) and Sam completed the climb .

I was very impressed with all of the children . They showed lots of core strength, dexterity,  flexibility and plenty of determination to hold on no matter what!!

All in all the children attempted approximately 7 climbs. The instructors told me afterwards that they were very pleased with their listening skills and general behaviour . They will advise me who they would like to put through to the KS2 climbing competition which will take place some time in March.

Many thanks to all the parents who offered their support.


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