Daisy Moll who is now 9 was born in 2003 on the 2nd June, has just released her first novel PRINCESS DARRELL AND THE TWO GEMS, based on a true story. The main character (Darrell) is based on herself (Daisy). (Isabellisa) is based on her actual cousin (Isabelle). (Masis) is based on her other cousin (Isabelle’s sister Maisie).

Suddenly the king is missing and Masis has got a grin on her face, it’s up to Darrel and Isabellisa  to save the king, as ever one else in the castle has been frozen, can they do it or is it mission impossible!

Daisy started her passion of writing at age 7 when she wrote the fantastic novel, Jack and the beanstalk. When she was younger she had a cat called smudge that died when she was 7-8 years old, then she got a rabbit called trifle, and 2 months later a kitten called Pepsi, suddenly she gave her rabbit away, and got a hamster called rhubarb!

When I was younger I remember in y8 was when the 27 cone ice creams came out and that’s when I thought of my idea for the ice cream book! Everything inspires me from hippies and hobos to lamp posts with diamonds on! I think anybody could be an author just you need to read Enid Blyton books, she was my main inspiration until she got eaten by a giant dragon in 2034,TRAGIC!


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