Darcey’s biograghy

Darcey’s biograghy


Congrats, you just bought an utterly fabulous book by the amazing D.I Haddow.

Darcey has always loved stories, even the unscrupulous ones.  She enjoys finding things that are wrong with published books! The idea for her first book The Character Catcher came from her childhood were her little sister Marnie used to make slight comments on the books that she would  to choose to read to Marnie, and the idea had been improved over twenty  years.

Miss Haddow was born in Sheffield, on the 11th November 2003 she was also raised in sheffeild. She attended St.Wilfrids from the age of 4 up until she was 11.At the age of nine she discovered her love for writing and wrote short stories in the holidays .She also enjoys climbing and swimming(only because she has the same birthday as the famous Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds)and running.

The first book that she wrote was called the bluebird and unfortunately it was never finished, but she gave to her granny any way as a gift. One of her primary teachers, Mr Conway a bold (bald) character reacted in his laid back style to her talent for writing.

After studying in America at Yale to become a marine biologist, she moved back to England and wrote her first novel The character catcher after she had learnt how to edit her own work at university (that was her only fault at school).which sold over 32 million copies in England alone and was printed into 72 languages Darcey is also a brilliant contributor to charities and gives 2, million pounds each month, to a huge selection of charities worldwide.

Before becoming a writer decry was

Now Darcey lives with her pet tortoise (socks) and two fish (Albert and Marigold)  in the south-east suburbs of London.


D.I Haddow


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