Ella Haddow’s Biograghy

Ella Haddow’s Biograghy

Congratulations, you are a fabulous person as you have just picked up the best book in the whole universe!

Ella Haddow is a marvellous writer who has written 5five novels .The best seller “where is my life “sold 5 million copies and has been printed in 47 langue’s .Ella was born 11/11/2003 and went to the schools St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary and is hopping to go to Notre Dame High School. She is dreaming of sussing, in going to Oxford University like her father and studying English.

She has won a cabrige prize with her novel “away with the moon ”which is amend at the children aged 9+.she was inspired by Jacqueline Wilson who wrote a series of books amend for children .Ella’s teacher a bold one at once spotted the amazing gift .Mr Conway quoted “she has great gift and put it to good use”. Ella haddow first short story was “the wings that grew”. After being publishes 6 months later she published “a life worth living”.

Ella is now working on the book “togthter”based on team work a class works together to bring back life of the adults and the other children. She is now 9 and the youngest writer ever to live .She has visited popular writers for ideals on stories and is working with David walliams to create a new level of books.

Ella believes that her mind got to be a writer when she fell of a vault in a gymnastics competition and hit her head and twicked a part of her brain so she could write like a writer can.

Ella has been described as “a mind-blowing writer of a splendid standard” says the Sunday time’s .Ella has been inspired to write, why don’t you?



Ella Haddow


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