Homework 29.04.12

Homework 29.04.12

Hi Children, I’ve been so busy this weekend marking your WONDERFUL stories that I forgot all about giving you homework this week. I am very sorry that it is a bit late.

1. Think about ‘The Tunnel’ story to get it clear in your head. When you know the story, try telling it to someone else. Remember to include adjectives to explain your ideas. Try to explain how the characters are feeling at different parts of the story.

2. Keep looking at the clock to see what time it is. Try to work out what time it will be half an hour later. Ask someone to check if you are correct. If you can do this well, challenge yourself by working out what time it will be 45 minutes later and 5o minutes later.

3. Look at these words and make them plural. Can you sort the words into three lists? What is the rule? try to add some more new words to the lists.

bush   baby   lady   party  church  boy   dish   berry   key



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