Homework 8.11.13

Homework 8.11.13


homophones       Tricky words with a common spelling pattern

Over the next few weeks we will look at some common usage words with a common spelling pattern. I have attached a document of the words we will be learning to allow you to practise the words with your child.

We will also look at homophones. Please choose a few of these to work on at a time and encourage your child to come up with sentences to match a given spelling. Alternatively, you could say a sentence and your child could point to the correct word.

eg It was too late to play by the time we arrived home.

We always go to the park on Saturday mornings.

I saw two magpies in the sky today.


Four children have returned their research about a saint. I would like to put them into a book for our RE display so please encourage your child to complete the task and bring the work to school.

Talk homework

This week we have been learning about refugees. Please talk to your child about what we have been doing in school. We will continue with this topic next week.


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