Homework – Writing Activities

Homework – Writing Activities

The children will be coming home with a list of words which they are learning to spell in their Read Write Inc literacy lessons. They will also bring a book to practise their spellings in and a copy of their writing targets for this half term.

We suggest children practise spelling just one or two words each day using the strategy of ‘Look at the word, say the word, say the sounds (or letter names if they know them), cover the word, write the word and finally check if they have spelt the word correctly’. They can repeat this process 2 or 3 times until they feel confident they can spell the word. Another idea to help learn the spellings is to then put the word into the context of a sentence and write out the sentence.  Reading back over it to ensure they have used capital letters, full stops and clear spaces. Children can then cross out the words on their sheet as they learn them.

We have been focusing on handwriting each day and your child will now be developing a cursive style of handwriting and soon be making the natural progression of joining their letters.

The writing target will show you what we are expecting your child to be able to demonstrate in their writing as they have been focusing on these skills in class.

We hope these suggestions for home are helpful but please pop in to see us if you need any further explanation.

Most importantly have a wonderful holiday.

Mrs Goodchild and Mrs Marsh


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