Sheffield City Centre Visit

On Wednesday 29th February Y5/6 will be visiting the city centre to support our Literacy topic on persuasive writing and this will be followed by a visit to Waterstones to select new books for our class library. Children will travel by bus and return for lunch. They will need suitable footwear, a warm coat and £1 for the bus. Thank you for your support.

Holiday homework

Please help your child to search images of ‘Faces in strange places’.
Next term our art topic is portraits. I thought we could begin by trying to spot faces around us. If possible please could you help your child to take one or more photographs of  faces they have found. You can either print out the photo or help your child to email it to school.
If you go to
User is: Password is: year23faces
Later on in the year in ICT we will be learning about how to send an email . Any experience of sending emails at home will help your child when we cover this area of the curriculum.
Happy Healthy chart
We have a chart in our class where we record the number of healthy physical activities the children are involved in out of school. There is a competition throughout the school for the most stickers on the chart. Children add stickers for football training, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons, cycling, long family walks etc. Please help your child to keep a record of the number of activities they do during the holiday. It would be helpful if you could write a note to let me know how many stickers they need when we return to school.
Please encourage your child to read as much as possible this holiday. We will be having a specific focus on comprehension skills next half term.
Please encourage your child to play games involving counting during the holiday. Using two or more dice when playing snakes and ladders is a fun way to practise adding single digit numbers, the card game pontoon is good for adding several numbers, darts is good for larger numbers (velcro dart boards are available!).
I hope you all have a good holiday. Your children have all worked very hard this term and they have earned their holiday.

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