Year 4 Homework

Year 4 Homework

Dear Parents

First of all apologies, due to sick leave and fundraising I am behind this week. I am attaching our school calculations booklet and asking that you practice subtraction  methods with your child. Your child is either using subtraction on a numberline method 2 or column subtraction method three, they will know which one but I will remind them on Friday morning. We are currently focussing on multiplication and division methods in class into next week with a focus before Christmas on applying to word problems. We will be starting a block on instructions next week and will be linking to our RE topic about Advent with instructions about a Christingle, you may want to research this with your child. Your children have just worked really hard on an RE Assessment piece about Advent, I am proud of their writing and you may want to pop in to read it. Finally, we made over £100 at our fundraising to-day I will provide the correct total tomorrow, thanks for your support and shopping.

Ms Downey Subtraction Book a4



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